It's the perfect time of year to detox!

I have recently attended an online “Detox Summit” hosted by a nutritionist and wellness professional I admire and respect greatly, Deanna Minich, PhD.  I am currently completing a “Food and Spirit” Certification Program with her as well. 

Did you realize that toxins could be impacting your health? Now you can do something about it!  Even with our efforts of eating right and living a healthy lifestyle, we cannot escape the toxins of the world we live in today.  We all can benefit from an occasional detox! Dr. Minich and the Institute of Functional Medicine have made this opportunity very doable and affordable and I am excited to share it with you. 

I invite you to join me for an exciting Detox Challenge where you can experience first-hand the transformation that can come when eliminating toxins from your life. The Detox Challenge occurs September 4-29 and will arm you with the resources, community, and support you need to succeed with your health goals. Here is what you will receive:

·      Day-by-day Dietary Guidebook with recipes, shopping lists, weekly planners, and daily tracking journals

·      Weekly live calls with Deanna Minich, PhD

·      Membership to a private Facebook group hosted by expert Functional Medicine practitioners

·      Daily expert interviews, recorded as on-demand resources on food, mindset, meditation, exercise, and more

Toxins can exist in your food, your environment, your relationships, and your thoughts. The Detox Challenge provides you the tools to identify all of these sources, empowers you to eliminate them accordingly, and gives you with a way to track your success throughout the process.

What to do NOW:

Don’t delay! The Detox Challenge starts tomorrow! The first few days are preparatory so there is still time to participate.

Sign up for the Detox Challenge here:

To your health and wellness,