When I began my training in the Nutrition field, supplements were believed to be unnecessary for the most part, if one had a healthy balanced diet.  A lot of research on supplements has been done since that time, and there are more than a few reasons most people can benefit from at least some basic supplements to optimize their health.  

One simple reason is that many people do not have a healthy balanced diet 100% of the time.  With our fast paced lifestyles, sometimes healthy eating drops near the bottom of our priority list.  Our reliance on more processed foods means we are eating less nutrient dense foods.  Highly-processed foods often have their own added vitamins and minerals to supplement what was lost in the processing (something that I have concerns about).  Also, although there may not be sufficient "proof" (for some) that organic foods have better nutrition quality than conventionally-raised foods, the mere point that organic farming methods replenish the soil in which its foods are grown likely increases their nutritional value, especially of the micronutrients that are not always measured in comparisons.  

Along with that, there has been extensive research on many vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements that have suggested significant health benefits.  RDA values are meant to prevent deficiency disease in most healthy people.  Unfortunately there are an increasing number of "unhealthy" people walking around even though they may not be "sick."  Disease prevention is ALWAYS better and more effective than any cure, and if taking a few supplements may increase our odds of preventing disease down the road, I believe it is worth it!

An important fact to know about supplements is that the industry is not regulated.  Therefore, when you buy supplements at your local supermarket or drugstore, it is very difficult to assure your supplement is safe, effective and of high-quality.  In my quest to learn about functional nutrition, I have learned more about how various supplements can support health.  Being a health professional allows me to  make high quality supplements accessible to my clients.  Please note the link below is for existing clients who would like to order supplements and a patient access code is required. 

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